ComplyALIGN Policies & Procedures Management

The ComplyALIGN Policy Manager

Proven in healthcare, affordable and scalable to all types of organizations across many industries!

ComplyALIGN Policies & Procedures Management

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ComplyALIGN Policies & Procedures Management

Bonus Features

Blogs, Forums, FAQs, Bookmarks, Contract management, and Ticket management!
ComplyALIGN Policies & Procedures Management

Quick Implementation

Go Live in as little as one month from purchase!
ComplyALIGN Policies & Procedures Management

Built-In Forms and Workflows

Create fillable forms and route them through a workflow!
ComplyALIGN Policies & Procedures Management

Policies and Procedures Quick Tips

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An affordable and simplified Policy Manager that no longer requires a large budget or lengthy training efforts!

ComplyALIGN makes it easier for all types of organizations to align their workforce’s policy management workflow while maintaining corporate compliance and regulatory accreditation with ease. Now you can go paperless with a fully searchable, online resource that automatically distributes documents, gathers approvals, and attests and tracks readership for your organization’s most important policies and procedures. 

Automated Workflow

Maintain Accountability

Track Revisions

Complete Version Control

Secure Views/Access

Accreditation Management


Forms and Workflows

  • Store existing pdf/word Forms
  • Create complex fillable Forms
  • Get notified upon Form submissions
  • Easily extract form data
  • Create workflows for Form submissions
  • Direct deposit, PTO, insurance, new employee forms

Help Desk & Ticket Management

  • Improve help desk and facilities management reporting and tracking
  • Users can submit and track the status of their own tickets and work orders
  • Tickets are electronically routed to the right department and archived in the database for future reference

Contract Management

  • Use for managing hospital or physician contracts
  • Set viewing rights for confidential access
  • Expiration of contracts up for review – get email reminders and notifications
  • Tag contracts with additional keywords (term of contract, how much, vendor contact)
  • See past revisions of contracts



  • Easily accessible via any computer or device web browser
  • Minimal impact on your IT Staff
  • User-friendly policy access – organize your policy library with ease
  • Quick file setup – multiple files can be loaded in organized way
  • Simplified, centralized policy access and document management
  • Manage all policies in one location – view and edit your policies anywhere
  • For healthcare clients: improve CMS, HIPAA and Joint Commission readiness
  • Access past revisions and archives
  • Eliminate errors with updating policies and procedures
  • Accountability and transparency with the approval process
  • Go paperless
  • Easy multi-department or committee management
  • No more manual searching for policies to update
  • Complete version control
  • Content auto-expiration
  • Role-based user access and editing permissions
  • Read acknowledgements to track user reviews – ensure all employees are notified of latest revisions
  • Always be audit ready – ongoing policy archiving
  • Complete document lifecycle audit trail
  • Custom reporting
  • Regulatory standard links
  • Controlled access
  • Manage contracts with or without a workflow
  • Risk management reporting and analysis


We did not have a system before ComplyALIGN. All P&Ps were on paper and handled by each department. This made it very difficult to manage across the board. With the new implementation, we have all users in one place, wikth searchable policies. 5/5 stars!

When going through our CMS survey, the surveyors were extremely impressed with the system’s ability to track review dates as well as any changes made. They said this was a better system than many of the others they had come across whilst doing their audits. I love the organizational abilities of this product and how easy it is to run. 

Now, during surveys or state mandated investigations, whenever a surveyor asks for policies and procedures on a particular item, the person can go in a workstation and obtain the information in seconds. This was almost turnkey and our IT department customized all 13 sites from the platform in just weeks.