1. How long has your company been in business?

We have been in business since 1999.

  1. How is your pricing structured?

We have set pricing packages depending on the number of employees or full-time equivalents in your organization has and whether you are choosing the SaaS or on-premise installation model. You can view pricing here. 

  1. What are your hosting options?

We provide SaaS/Cloud-Based installation. For our cloud-based customers, we offer 25GB of disk storage, a Tier 3, SOC2, and HIPAA certified US data center.

  1. How do I contact support if I am already a customer?

You can receive support in several ways:

a) Email the ComplyALIGN Support Desk –

b)  Visit the ComplyALIGN Academy for how-to’s, helpful webinars, best practices, quick tips and much more.

  1. What different types of customers do you work with?

Please visit our industries page for a list of organizations we work with.

  1. How can I learn more about the product?

You can review our website for more details on our products and services, or you can find more details by requesting a demo 
or by reviewing a quick video.

  1. Who owns the content placed on the application?

You own all of the data stored on the system.

  1. Are documents stored on the server or in the SQL database?

Documents are stored in the SQL database.

  1. How many employee logins does the software allow?

The software can accommodate an unlimited amount of employee logins.

  1. Are there other implementation costs?

The subscription includes licensing cost, support, and training. We offer additional professional services such as custom graphics packages, onsite training, implementation and Azure configuration.

  1. How long is a typical implementation schedule?

For our Policies and Procedures Only SaaS implementations, we offer a proven 8 step approach.

  1. Is training required to use your system?

For end users, no training is required. For system and content administrators, we provide various training options.

  1. Do you do custom development?

Our product is all-inclusive, but we offer customization of functionality.

  1. Do you have customer support?

Yes, we provide US based, in-house support between the hours of 8am-6pm CDT. For any emergencies, we have an on-call staff available for 24/7 support.

  1. How are upgrades and enhancements dealt with?

These happen periodically and are done automatically.

  1. Is ComplyALIGN web-based?

The ComplyALIGN system is completely web-based. It is accessed via the Internet and most web-enabled devices with a browser; therefore, all you need is an Internet connection. There is no software to install.

  1. Can we access the ComplyALIGN system on a smartphone, iPad or tablet?

Yes, via the web-browser of your choice, you can access the application in a mobile-friendly view or as a desktop version. Note, when using mobile views some administrative functions are not supported.

  1. Which browsers do you support?

Microsoft Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, are all supported. If your portal solution includes inline editing for documents, a plugin will need to be installed on client workstations. The plugin is compatible with Microsoft Word® 2010+.

  1. How will I access ComplyALIGN?

Based on login permissions and viewing rights, the application can be easily accessed through an internet web-browser.

  1. Will my data be secure?

Yes, we provide a Tier 3, SOC2, and HIPAA certified data center. Each client’s data is stored in a separate, physical database.

  1. Can we cancel the use of the product?

Yes, you can cancel the service at any time.

  1. How are the documents stored in the system?

We support all file types in their native format (Word, Excel, PDF). Furthermore, we provide inline editing support for MS Word documents.

  1. How does your system handle document and workflow notifications?

The system automatically emails users that have responsibilities as needed. Periodic summaries and on-screen reminders are also available.

  1. Is keyword searching an option through this system?

Yes, in addition, the system will automatically keyword index the document body.

  1. Can I manage contracts using the ComplyALIGN system?

Yes, you can use the same document repositories so you can securely store and manage other documents like contracts.

  1. Is document read acknowledgment supported in your system?

Yes, we have read acknowledgment tools on all policies and a notice of acceptance feature that can attest to staff readership. Additionally, we can do comprehension quizzes or fillable forms to test content awareness and policy comprehension.

  1. Is there a way for your system to provide reports on approval history?

Yes, for each version of the document, the system stores a detailed audit log of all approvals and collaboration notes.

  1. Is there a way to set up different permissions using the ComplyALIGN system?

Yes, permissions and access levels can be defined separately for document sets, folders or individual documents.

  1. Does the system allow specific policies to be searched?

Yes, you can search within predefined search collections, document sets or folders.

  1. Is there a service level agreement?

Yes, we provide an SLA with your proposal.

  1. Do you integrate with Active Directory for Single Sign-On?

Yes, Azure integration is available or if you are purchasing the installed version, AD integration is included.

  1. What are the server/technical requirements to run the application?

All installation requirements are handled by us with no additional hardware cost to the client. For a more detailed guide, please see our service level agreement.

  1. Is there a way to link to other 3rd party applications using your system?

For all documents, forms, contracts, and policies, a unique URL can be generated to link to that content or document from an external system.

  1. Does ComplyALIGN have any integrated security features?

Yes, you can only see documents that you have explicit rights to. Furthermore, detailed document access logs are stored and can be easily reported on.

  1. Are there other software products offered by ComplyALIGN?

For our P&P product, additional features available include forums, ticket tracking, social tools, blogs, online fillable forms, events, FAQs and many other content management features.

More questions?  Please reach us via email at or via phone at 800-521-0574.