How Policy Management Software Can Help Your IT Department

With the constantly changing local, state, and federal mandates, it can be hard to stay on top of keeping policies current and ensuring that the IT department remains compliant. Although many companies choose to try to remedy this by hiring policy management teams, smaller organizations often don’t have the budget for the added staff. This is where implementing policy management software can prove beneficial. Learning how policy management software can assist your IT policy management goals can facilitate your organization in remaining compliant while crafting effective policies.

Maintain Updated Policies

One of the most important features of a good policy manager software is the ability to maintain and manage archived policies and documents. Additionally, since audits from accreditation commissions and regulatory agencies are very thorough and can come with little notice, it is essential for archives of policies to be readily accessible. Office administrators should be able to restore archives if needed. If they can do this without the help of the IT department, it would be ideal. This frees up IT to do other mission-critical tasks.

Access Policies from Any Device

No matter where the IT teams are situated, they should be able to access policies and make changes where and when needed. With the flexible features found within policy management software, all staff members can edit policies, rewrite, update, write collaborative notes, and more from any device or web browser. All policies can be centrally managed in one location without the need to login to separate devices or email files to various user accounts. This can lessen the workload for IT staff that might need to supplement searches and policy activities with shared or local drives.

Automating Approval Process

Another great feature of a policy manager automation tool is the ability to automate the approval process. It is easy to lose track of an IT document in the approval process when you have multiple parties or stakeholders involved. Good policy management software will take IT documents through well-defined stages so you will know exactly what needs to be done and where the document is at during the approval process. System notifications like emails or on-screen reminders update staff on completed or not completed tasks after a certain time. This a huge time saver for everyone and ensures nothing falls through the cracks. Approval automation should also include a thorough audit trail as well as collaboration notes so IT staff can review past approvals or notes regarding the document status.

Accountability is Enhanced in the IT Department

Your IT department has to write policies which cover technology related management practices. With many different staff members making decisions regarding alterations to the policies being written, it can be hard to keep up. In a traditional policy management database, it can be difficult to hold individual team members accountable. However, with the use of dynamic policy management software, it is easier than ever to track changes or policy read acknowledgment. This ensures that the staff member responsible for implementing specific changes will be able to be held accountable as well as create awareness around updated policies when completed.

Ongoing Policy Archiving

With the ongoing policy archiving capabilities of IT policy management software, your organization will continue to remain audit ready in any circumstance. This is critical to avoiding an audit situation in which previous policy information is not readily available. The policy archiving feature can keep your organization compliant and prepared for any situation.

Analyze and Manage Risks

IT departments have security risks that must continually be accounted for and prevented. In order to stay compliant, it is essential to have the right policy management protocols in place. With the right policy management software that includes risk analysis and reporting, security breaches can be kept to a minimum and ultimately avoided altogether.

With so many diverse ways that policy management software can prove beneficial when managing IT policies, it makes sense to consider integrating it into your policy management infrastructure. Policy manager software should be easy to deploy with minimal training needed to get your team members up to speed.

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