How to Manage Employee Manuals Using Policy Management Software

It is important for the employees of any given facility to be cognizant of the policies and rules set forth by that organization. Having all of the employees read through your employee handbook is one of the best ways to ensure that they are aware of the contents and you can ensure this compliance with the right software. Keeping staff accountable can be done with the help of effective policy management software. By understanding the ways in which this software can help with handbook compliance, your organization can maintain universal standards for optimal performance across all departments.

Initial and Sign Off on Each Handbook Page

 One way that a hospital can ensure that each employee has read and acknowledged the terms found in the handbook is to offer a way for them to sign or initial each section. This task can actually be accomplished via an automated policy manager for maximum convenience and accuracy. By using a policy manager to accomplish these tasks, a business’s human resources department can ensure optimal accountability for staff members across all departments.

Easily Keep Track During Onboarding

Whether an organization is small or large, maintaining accurate records is critical during the onboarding process. In order to consistently maintain accurate records in regards to handbook compliance, a policy management software tool is key. A policy manager can help in the onboarding process by letting managers run reports to see what sections select staff has read and signed. With policy automation software, the human resources department can easily and simply manage employee handbooks during the onboarding process for simplified tracking and to allow for immediate distribution and electronic sharing.

Seamless Updating Capabilities

One of the premier features of using a policy manager in order to distribute an employee handbook is the capability to update policies and changes in real-time and inline as needed. By uploading the handbook online, your business can avoid costly reprints of outdated handbooks. Instead, alterations can be made online without the need to reprint the handbook or have everyone sign the complete handbook all over again. Instead, components can be added and these can be easily signed off on by new and existing staff alike. Simple notice acceptance features can also ask veteran employees to re-attest to the comprehension of the handbook’s policies and procedures.

Simple Online Document Storage

Your policy management software system includes simple online document storage which makes uploading, management, and storage of documents, simple and efficient. When employee handbooks are stored online, distribution is simplified and accountability is enhanced. Managers will be able to verify that an employee viewed and signed the handbook to ensure compliance. Since employee handbooks contain company specific sensitive data, it is helpful to keep it online to ensure the protection of vital information. With cloud-based installation services, this becomes a simple task that benefits the entire organization as well as making it easier for employees to refer back to the handbook whenever needed. Since the same portal is being used to manage onboarding paperwork, everything that is involved in the onboarding process can be stored in one simple location, with a simple click to access!

Employee Handbook Version Control

 Policy Management software offers many features that support organizations in reinforcing their employee handbooks anytime new revisions or updates are made. Old versions are automatically archived and can be retrieved by authorized users. Handbooks can be tagged with keywords to cross-reference corresponding standards too if needed. Current handbooks will maintain one URL so updating will never produce multiple copies. The same version will be available when drafting and after publishing is completed. All versions and revision history can be produced as well.

Reporting Notifications and Reminders

Keeping track of onboarding tasks or employee handbook readership acknowledgments can be challenging. When you utilize a policy manager, these steps and actions automatically notify the appropriate parties that have to take action and the managers that need to track readership.

From the archiving, search functions, and labels, there’s no way you’ll be confused on where the employee handbook is at in the process. On top of all of these features, an automated policy manager contains a workflow function that immediately notifies and reminds users of the status of their document – that way, you know exactly when a document moves and can work immediately from there if need be. Sharing documents or collaborating on changes is extremely easy and leaves an audit trail that can be viewed at any time.

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