ComplyALIGN is a simple and affordable Policy Manager for complete online policies and procedures management offering all aspects of effective document publishing and version control for all types of industries.

From organizations that have less than 50 employees to larger organizations over 5k staff, the ComplyALIGN system is an effective document control system for any sized business. Below are some of the industries we serve. 







Law Enforcement


The system quickly condenses all of your important documents into a searchable, online resource that automatically distributes, tracks, attests and organizes your important policies and procedures. The solution can be integrated into a current Intranet or easily accessed through a web browser.


We have over 200+ satisfied clients.

We have been developing policy management software since 1999.

We perform fast-track, quick, one-month implementations.

It’s a proven solution; we have over 350k users on the system daily. 

The ComplyALIGN policy management system makes sharing vital information quick and easy! 

Keep your organization at ease knowing that your staff is viewing the most up-to-date policies!


  •  Manage policy lifecycle with ease.
  • Automate document revisions.
  • Improve access to documents.
  • Keep policies, forms and contracts up-to-date
  • Easily export audit-ready reports
  • Manage risk across your organization
  • Automate key tasks, reminders and policy expirations
  • Maintain employee accountability
  • Report compliance violations and track incidents
  • Save time, paper and resources

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