Achieve compliance at your healthcare organization with our complete lifecycle policy management system.

Since 1999, we’ve been supporting the healthcare industry with their policy and contract management needs so we understand the challenges of small and rural hospitals, large health systems, long-term care facilities, and ambulatory clinics. Our system was originally designed for the special and dynamic needs of the healthcare industry. The components of our policy management system were meticulously assembled to meet the day-to-day policy management needs of highly-regulated healthcare environments. Our policy manager is utilized by over 200+ hospitals (with over 300,000 daily users) across the country. The clients that come to us are looking to streamline hospital communication and document management across their staff, physicians, and partners. 

Looking for an Intranet too? Check out the HospitalPORTAL Intranet Content Management System with the ComplyALIGN Policy Manager built in! 


  • Easy to Edit and Policy Publishing
  • Intuitive, Simple Navigation
  • Robust Search Capabilities
  • Simple Document Viewing
  • Workflows for Any Policy or Submitted Form
  • Professional Graphics – Elegant Look and Feel
  • Integrates with Active Directory
  • Social Networking Tools (Blogs/Forums)
  • Contract Management
  • Ticket Management


  • Automation of policies and procedure management
  • Reduce emails
  • Provide central policy access to hospital information
  • Engage your staff with blogs and open forums
  • Simplify new staff on-boarding by giving quick and easy access to policies and procedures and by using attestation features
  • Audit-proof your policies and procedures
  • Robust access and edit controls with full active directory integration
  • Fully integrated Policies and ProceduresManager for hospital forms, policies, procedures and other documents
  • Various Policy Dashboards
  • Ticket tracking system and Event Scheduling and other Critical Hospital Applications
  • Integrated fillable forms, with an intuitive form builder with automated workflows upon submission
  • Single sign-on integration with external systems for centralized access to all hospital systems
  • Comprehensive viewing and editing security framework and more!

The ComplyALIGN system makes it possible for your healthcare organization to improve its document management communications and automate approval workflows quickly and successfully. Now, your healthcare organization can get a comprehensive compliance system that is affordable that does not require extensive implementation, training or customization efforts. The end result is improved compliance, better patient care, and increased employee satisfaction.

We’ve built our system based on real-life healthcare policy management scenarios and the amazing feedback from our client community—our clients drive our development enhancements.

With our built-in forms and workflows, compliance staff easily manage important documents within the ComplyALIGN system:

  • Audit review forms
  • Confidentiality Statements and Acknowledgements
  • Compliance Alertline Reports
  • Compliance In-Take Forms
  • Compliance Investigation Reports or Case Disposition Logs
  • HIPAA PHI Procedures
  • Letters to Vendors

Have a survey coming up? Need an iron-clad audit trail? Look no further.