Web-based policy management software plays a critical role in maintaining organizational compliance and business processes continuity.

As we’ve seen over the past month or so many companies have made drastic changes to the way they operate – re-prioritizing initiatives and goals, pivoting company direction, overhauling business practices, etc.  And while many organizations have gotten used to being able to walk over to the next office to ask a question, talk through cubical walls, or pick up tidbits of information just in passing by being around their co-workers, having staff working remotely is bringing a lot of inefficiencies to light.  

However, this doesn’t mean there needs to be a drop in productivity. In fact, you could look at it as an opportunity to streamline various operations and job functions.  The area I wanted to focus on in this blog post will be on some best practices on how to stay compliant in this current remote-working environment. 

Probably the most important best practice is to utilize technology.  There are several solutions on the market that allow for web-based policy and procedure management giving your staff not only a place to access their P&P’s from home, but also manage the entire notification, review, and revision process. 

Let’s explore some of the tools common among a lot of these systems that can help address some of your work-from-home hurdles.

Staying compliant with automated tasks for policy management


Access to policies and procedures while working remotely

By having a web-based policy and procedure management system, you give your users the ability access and reference your library of policies and procedures remotely. This eliminates the need for passing paper copies around that could quickly become obsolete.  Also, this helps minimize potential complications of staff members not being able to access your organizations internal networks which could help lessen the burden of your IT team. 

Many of these systems’ access rights can be set up based on their particular job functions so users are exposed to only what is important for them – access can typically be given to end users to just be able to view the policies as well as different access given to those individuals who are involved in the review/revision process of those documents. 


Ensure policies and procedures are reviewed and revised timely by staff and committees that are working remotely

This process typically varies greatly from organization to organization. Some companies will physically meet as a group to discuss various policies and procedures that need to be reviewed. However, by utilizing an automated policy and procedure system, your company could complete cut the need for those meetings – whether working from home or the office, I’m sure everyone could use one less meeting! 

Most of these systems are role based and users can be put into various roles (document reviewers, authors, approvers, readers, etc) based on their job function. Then the system can be set up to automatically notify those individuals when they need to act according to their role.  Messages, notes, etc. can be communicated via the system during the review process so everyone involved can be kept in the loop. 

Timely approval of policies is critical when staff is working remotely

Managing remote staff for your policy workflows

A good policy and procedure management system will also give management a way to track what the various users of the system are doing.  It will have various reports and/or dashboards that your managers can reference to see where certain documents are at in their revision process.

A great system will also allow management to not only track who’s read a policy, but also a give them a way to ensure policy/procedure comprehension by implementing simple quizzes when a complete understanding of a document is paramount.  This is a great way for management to stay on top of their staff while not being able to be physically present.

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