Quick Tips for an Effective Policy Manager Implementation

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A policy manager provides an incredible user experience by automating what was once a tedious process. However, as with any project, implementing it comes with its own set of challenges. Follow these tips, and your implementation is sure to go as smooth and worry-free as possible.

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    About the ComplyALIGN Policy Manager

    The ComplyALIGN policy management solution automates and addresses all aspects of policies and procedures publishing, access, review, and approvals. The solution supports comprehensive document management, document review and approval workflows, tracking, versioning, auditing, and certification of policies and procedures. With the ComplyALIGN Policy Management solution, you have control over the entire lifecycle of your documents in one, centralized location.

    Quick File Set-Up

    Implementing this system puts little to no strain on your IT department, and can happen very quickly. We offer helpful guidance throughout the process sharing best practices gained from implementing 100+ Policy Management systems. With multiple file upload tools, your facility can upload all documents in an organized way with minimal effort. There is no need to allocate an army of dedicated IT administrators to manage the implementation of the solution. We provide an implementation specialist to help you audit your content and load it into our system.

    Training and Implementation Support

    Our comprehensive installation and implementation services include offsite and onsite training options, system installation and configuration support, document configuration and upload support, and an ongoing support and maintenance plan. Our dedicated and in-house help desk support staff is available to answer your technical questions and to provide recommendations as needed. Once a client, you will have full access to our ComplyALIGN Academy, Your Self-Service Support Portal for your Policies and Procedures Management System.

    For more information on how we can make your policy manager implementation a breeze, contact us at Sales@ComplyALIGN.com or check out our implementation services page.