ComplyALIGN policy management software offers robust options for listing and finding policies and procedures.

Customizable Hierarchies of Document Folders for Quick and Easy Access to Policies and Procedures

ComplyALIGN policy management software seamlessly organizes your policies and procedures using an easily customizable folder hierarchy that your users will find very logical and easy to use.

This architecture allows for easy access to policies by staff or other designated users without having to navigate or search heavily.

The policy administrators and moderators can develop a hierarchy of policies and procedures to support your organization’s specific requirements. This may include break-down of documents by functional areas, departments, standards, or locations.

Furthermore, the software allows for configuring security on document sets, folders or individual policies to address policy view and access rights.


Utilize the Policy Management Software for Contract Management

Searching for Policies and Procedures

With ComplyALIGN users will enjoy a “Google® like” experience when searching for policies.

ComplyALIGN’s robust search engine allows for searching for documents based on their titles, bodies of the document (internal document/file content) and all included metadata such as additional keywords, description and dates.

The system will automatically store previously used search terms and allows users to “pin” search terms that they execute frequently.
The search engine within ComplyALIGN automatically deals with hard to spell words by employing a fuzzy or like search.

The system administrators can determine how loose this search behavior should be.

Furthermore, the ComplyALIGN system includes advanced search capabilities such as allowing the user to search for current or archived documents based on published, effective and review dates.

Viewing and Managing Policies Directly from Search Results

The search results in ComplyALIGN lists matching policies and procedures’ names, location within the listing hierarchy, effective dates and a brief abstract of where your search term(s) was found in the context of the document.

Directly from the search results, users can access the document “Info Card” to view additional meta-data such as related documents, attachments, approval information, and all user defined document keywords.

ComplyALIGN policy software includes search analytics reports that display search behaviors and most frequently used search terms.

Listing of Policies Applicable to Multiple Sections, Departments or Locations 

Policies and procedures that are applicable to multiple departments or functional areas can be listed as “shortcuts” in other applicable locations to eliminate the need to manage and review multiple copies of the same document.

Bookmarking Frequently Used Policies or Procedures

ComplyALIGN users can maintain private “bookmark list” of frequently accessed policies and procedures.

Policies can be bookmarked from search results or directly from document listings.

Direct Access to Policies via a Hyperlink

Each policy or procedure managed by the system is automatically assigned a unique hyperlink that will remain unchanged even if a policy gets revised. Therefore, documents stored and managed in ComplyALIGN policy software can be easily referenced from other systems (such as LMS, EMR, ERP systems, email or Intranet, etc.). 

To ensure documents are only accessible to authorized users, accessing a document via direct document hyperlink will still require a user to log in to ComplyALIGN before a document will be displayed.