ComplyALIGN is a cloud-based, SaaS application for complete online policies and procedures management offering all aspects of effective document publishing and version control for all types of industries and businesses.

The system quickly condenses all of your important documents into a searchable, online resource that automatically distributes, tracks, attests and organizes your organization’s important policies and procedures. The solution can be easily accessed through a web browser.


Your staff can easily find policies through the smart search engine and start a revision, make an approval, acknowledge readership all in one simple click! 


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ComplyALIGN Product Guides


Contract Management

  • Use for managing business associate agreements and legal contracts
  • Set viewing rights for confidential access
  • Permissions can be set up by folder, on a contract or selection of contracts
  • Expiration of contracts up for review – get on-screen notifications and email reminders
  • Tag contracts with additional keywords (term of the contract, how much, vendor contact)
  • See past revisions of contracts
  • Search for contracts using the built-in search engine
  • Easily upload multiple or single contracts
  • Send contracts through approval or review workflows
  • Run reports on documents due by review date or by keywords or ownership
  • View contracts by activity – most recently viewed or updated (only admins can view these charts)
  • Use dashboard views to see a quick overview of contract data (what is current, overdue or due now)
  • See all completed revisions for all contracts within a set time frame

Forms & Workflows

  • Store existing pdf/word forms
  • Create complex fillable forms
  • Get notified upon form submissions
  • Easily extract form data
  • Create workflows for form submissions
  • Use for direct deposit, PTO, insurance forms, new employee onboarding and more 


  • Reassign Responsibilities
  • Dashboards
  • Notice of Acceptance
  • Social Features (Forums, Blogs)
  • Event Listings
  • FAQs Builder
  • Readership & Document Open Statistics
  • Quick Links Builder