The ComplyALIGN Policy Management System Overview

The ComplyALIGN Policy Management Software is a centralized location for all policies and procedures, forms and contracts. Our powerful search engine makes locating the most up-to-date policies a breeze. Get staff to attest to policies quickly! Automated alerts notify your employees that they have to review, approve and acknowledge they’ve read updated documents. Reporting, dashboards and tracking tools make sure you know who has open tasks and which documents documents may require immediate attention


The system is extremely user-friendly—end users do not require training to search, access, and view policies. The navigation is intuitive, and as a result there is no need to toggle between tabs to find content. All document related content and policy actions can be accessed via the document itself. “Set it and forget it” features allow you to work on your vital activities while the system’s built-in automation reminds you of what needs to be done and when.


The system offers a number of ways for your staff to quickly locate policies. Search bars and policy browsing links are located on every page. Also, all policies, forms and documents can be tagged with additional keywords for more advanced searches. The built-in bookmark features are available for staff to store frequently accessed documents or policies they are responsible for.


The ComplyALIGN system can be configured to integrate with your Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Azure to simplify management of users and roles. Privacy permissions and confidential viewing rights can be configured to ensure documents are accessible to appropriate staff only.



Our automated approval workflow automatically moves your documents between the steps based on the actions of the user, and as a result eliminating the need for manual tracking and reviews of document statuses. Flexible configurations can be set up to support sequential, parallel or committee approval efforts. Our robust workflow functionality allows you to assign staff to be moderators, authors, approvers, expert reviewers. All workflow actions provide email notifications and onscreen reminders as well as read acknowledgment alerts. By utilizing these workflow collaboration tools, you can standardize policy reviews ensuring less error and more accountability when revising and managing document changes.


The ComplyALIGN system has several features in place to hold your staff accountable for attesting to policy updates. Whether on-boarding new staff or conducting training events, our system allows you to send read acknowledgements, notice of acceptance and comprehension quizzes to make sure your staff is aware of newly updated policies and important announcements.


The ComplyALIGN Policy Management System supports a workflow mechanism which automatically notifies users of the status of their documents. Our built-in notification system sends you email alerts throughout the lifecycle of the policy. With automated policy expiration reminders, your team will get notified when a policy is up for review, allowing you to begin the review or revision process right from the email reminder—your staff will never miss an update again.


ComplyALIGN is designed to protect your data and ensure that both transmission of data as well as the storage of your data is protected at all times. Access to the product is done 100% with SSL encryption. Optionally; the product can be configured to require authentication for untrusted traffic and allow an anonymous view for trusted traffic (such as users accessing the application from your corporate network). ComplyALIGN strictly protects your privacy as we do not share any of your organizations confidential information with others.



Our inline editing tools eliminate the risks of viewing old policies and ensures the most accuracy on version control. Now you can leave your office for the night knowing your staff is accessing the most recently updated version of your policies and procedures.


Staff with select viewing privileges can view past revision history and collaboration notes on all policies. If you’re dealing with a survey or legal investigation, the system can provide detailed access logs for all activities taken within the system so you can easily show the lifecycle history of the document on a moment’s notice.


The ComplyALIGN system comes with built-in reports that can be exported in multiple formats for your specific needs. Interactive dashboard widgets are available for more customized viewing experiences and quick, high-level overviews of policy actions. Built-in policy access lists will automatically display most popular or recently updated documents for additional oversight into actions taken by your staff.


Bottom line: You can prove compliance quicker with the ComplyALIGN Policy Management System. Through reports, archives, collaboration messages, date/time stamps, access logs, and compliance program documentation, your organization can demonstrate survey and accreditation readiness with ease. Use our integrated ticket management system to easily assign tasks to accreditation staff to confirm the work is getting done. Access important regulatory information by using custom link components to share important accreditation resources with staff. Event scheduling features can easily highlight upcoming surveys too.

Now during surveys or state mandated investigations, whenever a surveyor asks for policies and procedures on a particular item, the person can go into a workstation and obtain the information in seconds. This was almost turnkey and our IT department customized all 13 sites from the platform in just weeks.”

– Jason LaMarca, Corporate Marketing Manager & Webmaster, Prime Healthcare Services, Inc., California



The ComplyALIGN system supports a paperless office environment. By using our system for online policy management, you’re helping to eliminate paper and copying waste at your organization. According to www.paperkarma, the average office worker prints 10k pieces of a paper every year. By automating your policy management, you could save thousands of dollars in printing costs each year. Most of our clients enjoy savings of $10k and more each year in their print production spend. Start saving money and saving the earth and convert your paper files to online resources!