System Installation and Configuration

System installation and configuration is performed completely by ComplyALIGN. Based on your requirements, this phase of the project can and is often completed with little or no intervention from your IT department once remote access is provided to the installation server(s).

Online Training

ComplyALIGN handles the training for you. A series of over-the-web training sessions focusing on different areas of implementation, including policy and procedure management and system administration, can be tailored to your specific needs.

Since the purpose of the ComplyALIGN solution is to allow your departmental managers to review, publish, author, edit, and collaborate on their respective areas of the system, we will train your staff specifically on the functions they will use once the system is rolled out.  Onsite training is also available if desired. See training details listed below.

Document Gathering and Preparation

We will work directly with your power users and the governance group to ensure all the required preparations are completed prior to the training and implementation visits. This will ensure the implementation is smooth and the project is completed according to your schedule.

Content Placement

We will provide one-on-one support for your power users in loading documents, editing their content and establishing roles and key dates, and document viewing rights within the system.  This support is always based on best practices and lessons learned from our past installations. You can rest assured that the most important content is organized in a functional and easy to manage format.  All of this is completed with little or no involvement necessary from the IT Department.

Go Live and Post Rollout Support

Our support department will be standing by if you need any assistance when the system goes live. Once the system is rolled out, we offer continued support services including technical maintenance, enhancements, and best practices assistance.


At ComplyALIGN, we follow an 8-step implementation approach which allows for a fast-track implementation and a shortened project timeline so you can get your organization up and running in less than one month’s time.

Download our A to Z Guide to a Successful Policy Management Implementation at Your Organization and dive deeper into the best practices of this special project!

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Not sure what type of implementation approach is best for your organization?

Check out the following infographics on a Non-Phased Implementation and a Phased Implementation Approach. Our expert team will guide you through the best implementation for your organization. Any questions about the implementation schedule, please email us at 



The ComplyALIGN Policy Manager is a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) installation model. The service is a subscription-based payment structure that allows organizations to purchase or subscribe to our software product and services for a specific period of time for a set price.

We have a dedicated data-center that hosts our clients’ solutions that are designed for high-volume, high-traffic, and database-driven websites. By hosting your application with ComplyALIGN, organizations keep from having to invest in hardware to run specific programs that are not practical to run on your existing infrastructure. Your applications will be accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device. New users can be added quickly and all updates are automated and centralized. Additional benefits include high-performance solid state (SSD) storage, multiple layers of data security, and experienced support by US-based engineers.

What you can expect:

  • Managed Application Hosting Services
  • Data Center Entry Gained Through 5 Layers of Physical Security
  • 24/7 Help Desk Staff by Level II and Level III Engineers
  • SOC 2 Data Center Certification
  • Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Automatic, FREE Updates
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Best Practices Response Times for Support
  • Maximum uptime 


Azure Integration – $99/mos

ComplyALIGN offers flexible authentication options.  The product can be configured to manage user account access and permissions using the ComplyALIGN product or you can seamlessly integrate our products with your organization’s Active Directory or even your Microsoft® Office 365 email accounts as the product can authenticate with Microsoft Azure® Authentication.  Microsoft Azure® Authentication allows for authenticating against a cloud user data store and Microsoft® offers Azure AD Connect utility that allows for synchronizing your Active Directory with the cloud.

For configurations where ComplyALIGN will be used to manage user accounts and rights the product offers simple to use user management and role management screens that would be used to create and edit the user accounts allowed to access the product.  For Azure® configurations you have the flexibility to manage only users as well as users, roles and role memberships that can be used to assign permissions to resources in the ComplyALIGN product.


Option 1 – ONSITE: ComplyALIGN Full Training and Implementation 

  • 2 hours of remote preparation, consultation, and/or online training
    • Stakeholders
      • P&P committee members
      • Information systems
      • Portal administrators
  • 1 day onsite for training or implementation
    • Training – classroom type environment
      • Audience
        • P&P Moderators
        • P&P Authors
        • P&P Approvers
        • Portal Administrators
      • What you will learn
        • P&P workflow
        • Understand the roles of the moderator, lead author, expert reviewer, and approver
        • Configuring ComplyALIGN
        • Perform hands-on lab exercises as Moderator, Lead Author, and Approver
        • Learn about advanced features such as Key Words and Related Documents
    • Implementation
      • Onsite consulting, setup and configuration, best practices, document import
      • Includes
        • Document repository configuration (hospital-wide and departmental sections/repositories)
        • Import of documents and support in document configuration
        • One-on-one implementation sessions with individuals and departments
        • Additional individual or group re-training (if required)

Option 2 (Flex) Over-the-Web: Block of 8 hours or Implementation Web-Based Assistance 

  • These hours can be used at the client’s discretion
  • Includes ComplyALIGN project management
  • Expected utilization for these hours
    • Implementation assistance
    • Web training (up to 3 attendees per session)
    • Best practice consulting
    • Q&A
    • These 8 hours must be used within six months