ComplyALIGN policy management software automates all steps in the policy review lifecycle and eliminates the need for manual task notifications to staff responsible for completion of various policy workflow tasks. 

Policy Approval Workflow Automation


ComplyALIGN software offers a very flexible approach to easily map organization’s existing processes to workflows supported by the system.

Any document, document folder or document set can have applicable policy workflows individually defined to include assignments for policy moderation, editing and authoring, review and approval responsibilities.

The software supports concurrent and sequential approval configurations as well as both individual and committee approval options.


Utilize the Policy Management Software for Contract Management

Automation of policy tasks notifications (on screen and email)


ComplyALIGN policy management software automatically notifies staff that needs to complete policy related tasks such as review, approval, or attestation.

Policy task notifications and reminders are both displayed in the system and emailed to those that need to work on or approve documents.

System super users and moderators can access policy status dashboards or run policy task reports to get a glance on the status of policies and procedures that are managed in the system.

Direct Integration with Microsoft Word® for document version editing and publishing


ComplyALIGN policy management software eliminates the need for converting documents into HTML or requiring documents to be developed using proprietary or 3rd party editors.

Instead, the system supports seamless integration with Microsoft Word® that allows edits to be directly made in MS Word® documents without having to download and re-upload document drafts. Policy authors or editors can develop new version drafts by in-line editing the currently published policy or starting from a template.

The system can be configured to automatically convert documents to PDF format for end user access, while retaining source Microsoft Word® file format for future edits.

Collaboration Support for Draft Authoring with Check In/Check Out

ComplyALIGN policy management software supports document check in/check out functionality that supports editing and authoring document changes in a collaborative fashion.

During all stages of new policy version drafting or approval, users can post messages as well as upload files either for consideration or as a reference that should be addressed within the while authoring the document and prior to approval.

Revision and Approval Notes and Audit Logs

All actions performed by staff including policy drafting, reviews, approval, version changes, attestation and quiz results are automatically logged and accessible to document super users or compliance and legal teams.

New Version Publishing

ComplyALIGN allows for a document to be published immediately after all approvals have been finalized or to schedule the document to be published automatically on a predetermined future date.  The system can be configured to default next review due according to organization’s standards and regulations.

When a new version of a policy or procedure is published, the prior version is automatically archived along with all collaboration notes and document meta-data.

Document moderators can configure read acknowledgement and comprehension quizzing requirements and trigger read attestation notifications to staff upon publishing of a policy revision.