In today’s world of sound bites, “2-minute read” articles and 30-second video clips, the tools you use to distribute polices and procedures need to be designed to hold your employees attention. Without such tools your workforce will find the task of reading through policies and procedures tedious, and little retention of information will occur, thus placing your company at risk for non-compliance.


Strategies for P&P’s (Policies and Procedures) Attestation

A policy and procedure management software that delivers policies and procedures to the appropriate employees, provides electronic “read-receipt” confirmation, allows managers to easily and effectively track acknowledgements, and can administer “pop quizzes” to test for retention of information will help you stay compliant.

How a policy and procedure management tool can support an organization’s compliance efforts?

  • Polices and procedures are easily accessible and searchable

A good policy and procedure management tool allows staff to easily search for a policy or procedure through a simple keyword search. A robust P&P system will pull keywords from within the title or body of a document as well as allows for the addition of common keywords end users might utilize in searching for a particular document. Managers can also monitor what search terms are used most frequently and adjust the content accordingly, thus ensuring end users are able to easily find the content they were seeking. In addition, a good policy and procedure management tool provides an easily browsable directory as well as a linking function so documents (such as forms for specific policies) will not require a separate search.

  • Accurate and up-to-date Information

An effective policy and procedure management tool will easily allow your employees to keep documents up-to-date and accurate with automatic version control. Users will continuously refer to this repository of information because they will trust that the information here is the most up-to-date and accurate, and that no information will be missing or outdated. In addition tools such as these allow for the most popular, most accessed documents to be pinned to the top for even more ease of access.

In order to maintain compliance, many policies and procedures will require a read request process to be in place for certain documents. With an effective policy and procedure management tool, staff will receive an automatic reminder that specific documents need to be reviewed. Not only does this streamline the compliance process but it also gives your staff the chance to refresh their memories by reviewing old and new policies and procedures.

  • Pop Quizzes

How many times do you think your employees have quickly scrolled through a policy or procedure just to get to the end and click the “read” button? And how do you know, even if they did read the document, that they understood it? A good policy and procedure management tool will give you the ability to implement quizzes to test for understanding. Not only will you see that you’re employees have read the policy or procedure, but also that they’ve understood the information that’s been presented. In addition answers to the questions, and other relevant information show up in customized, real-time dashboards for your managers to access and address any gaps where information may have not been understood.

While you may be spending a good amount of time and money developing and updating policies and procedures to meet regulatory requirements, a well-defined and frequently updated policy repository will not equal compliance and understanding from your employees. By utilizing a policy and procedure management tool you will find it easier to increase engagement and understanding of your policies and procedures by your employees.

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