Top Tips for a Successful Policy Implementation at a Healthcare Organization


It is necessary for healthcare organizations to balance cost efficiency and regulatory compliance and risk at the same time. For healthcare organizations facing closures, these concerns are even more critical. One of the ways healthcare organizations can stand out from their competition is by connecting their workforce to their business goals. By using an automated policy manager, your organization can hold all staff accountable to the same processes, protocols, and goals so your organization can flow more seamlessly and operate more cohesively. To be successful in any business today, whether in the healthcare field or not, you have to have a workforce that is focused on the same goals and objectives to ensure you’re providing the best customer service possible.

Over the past few years, vendors have been developing policy management system software that can provide numerous benefits to healthcare operations. Our upcoming webinar is going to highlight all of the best practices and top tips for a successful policy management implementation at a healthcare organization. We hope this webinar will serve as a general guide for selecting a system, implementing the product and what to look for. The webinar will include a short demonstration of ComplyALIGN Policy Manager organization-wide management of policies and forms.

What you will learn:

  • Why a policy management system is needed
  • What are the typical features and why they are applicable
  • Pros and cons of hosted vs installed solutions
  • Types of training available and needed
  • Implementation approach
  • Pros and cons of a full and partial upload
  • Bonus Features/Other Uses

So please join us on March 21st at 12 pm CDT and let us show you how to get the most benefit out of your products and our expert staff!