Policy Management Software is an automated system that addresses all aspects of policies and procedure governance, publishing and access within an organization or department.

The primary purpose of an automated policy management software is the elimination of manual tasks related to handling of policy drafts, revisions, reviews, and approvals.

In addition, a policy management software often includes browse and search access for end users to locate and view published and approved policies or procedures.


The key components of a Policy Management Software include:

  • Document review and approval routing with automated reminder notifications
  • Electronic approval signature
  • Document versioning and revision tracking
  • Document access controls
  • Policy attestation and policy comprehension quizzing
  • Policy status reporting or policy status dashboards


Typical Workflow supported by a Policy Management Software

Deployment models for Policy Management Software

Policy Management Software is typically delivered as a cloud-based subscription service and accessible securely via web browsers or mobile devices, although some organization opt to have the software physically installed on premises for added security.

Often, a link to Policy Management Software is linked directly from an organization’s Intranet or the software is integrated directly into the Intranet framework

Samples and demo

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